Inventif is founded by Ellen Roelofs. Together with her colleagues she was in the past years responsible for the organization and realization within the Netherlands and abroad. Under her management, Inventif created a name for itself as a solid advisory partner.

Ellen Roelofs and her team stand for a radically different approach in organization and coaching. By acting at a management level Inventif ensures that the principal is burdened to the minimum. Ellen proves to be a reliable partner with a sharp feeling for people, atmosphere and quality. Pragmatic and blessed with a hands-on mentality she knows to translate any objective into an appealing idea. A high worth concept that connects seamlessly with business and/or social interests.


Ellen Roelofs studied after her higher vocational education for Tourism and Management for some years Cultural Anthropology at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. With her entrepreneurial character and inventive mind she was able to find an optimal balance between working, traveling and studying. Those many experiences that she collected, together with her broad knowledge and interests, form the fruitful foundation on which Inventif is based.

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